As I peruse my images to build my website for this next year, they bring back memories. I spend my time tromping, backpacking, and camping out in nature. Along the way, I record with my camera that which catches my attention. These memories, to me, tie into the definition of a landscape image. Landscape, from an artistic, photographic perspective, is defined as a photograph that gives one a sense of time and place. With that definition in mind, consider the endless possibilities for composing a landscape. 

I invite you to enjoy a small sampling of my images within these portfolios: Touch of Nature, Charmed by the Desert, and Veratrum Viride.

Touch of Nature is a mix of photographs from Montana. The out-of-doors presentation of water, trees, and mountains often seems larger than life. They catch reflections, sculpt passageways, and conjure up possibilities to shape one's imagination.

When winter shrouds Montana, the warm desert air is a welcome reprieve. In Charmed by the Desert, I took special notice of the vegetation, sand dunes, and daylight in this dry climate. I think pattern and repetition are more apparent in the stark landscape. You will notice these qualities in my photo selection for this portfolio.

The plant commonly known as corn lily and formally as Veratrum Viride is the focus of my plant portfolio. Light and shadow play with the pleats of this plant’s leaves. This sort of exchange captures my attention.

Some of my primary influences have been black-and-white photographers: Michael Kenna, Yousuf Karsh, and Dorothea Lange. Michael Kenna has given me photographic atmospheric perspective. Yousuf Karsh has contributed to my respect for what light or the lack thereof can bring to an unsaturated image. Dorothea Lange's artistic vision has inspired mine in a way that has led me to seek my personal visual perspective and look around me for what has gone unnoticed. Lange, so to speak, has validated my work ethic.

The big surprise for this year is I changed my mind and wrote a book Montana: Mountains and More! Rita Fitzsimmons sums up my efforts in an endorsement summary that you could access by hitting on the news button in this site. May you enjoy the fly on the wall view of this year's adventures by perusing my black-and-white photographic memories!