Montana: Mountains & More

Montana: Mountains & More

Changed my mind and wrote a book!

My Pre-Sale offer is an Edvard Munch screamin’ deal! Seventy-five images are bound together in a classy presentation intended to engage everyone! Stories, facts, lists, and haiku interject knowledge and humor for merely half the price of an individual photograph. For just $150 plus shipping and you will be turning the pages of this lovely keepsake from the first printing of one hundred books.

This book along with photos in the book can be purchased from the buy and collect section of my website,, or feel free to send a check to Rosella Mosteller, 46 3rd Avenue East, Kalispell, Montana 59901. Please include your shipping address and email address or phone number.

Rosella Mosteller's black and white images of the natural world are stunning in their composition and elegance.  With her technical ability and sharp attention to detail, she captures singular moments in time...images that have the power to enrich anyone who views her work.   —Rita Fitzsimmons, Designworks

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Annual Labor Day Sale online and out of my kitchen!