Montana: Mountains & More

Montana: Mountains & More

Changed my mind and wrote a book!

There is so much of Montana that doesn’t meet the eye until you take the time to put wear on the tread of your soles. The medium of black-and-white photography transforms the color of the landscape, what remains is the emotive quality of Montana at its core.

Here you will find cold, very cold mountain lakes, hot springs, and springs not so very warm. The images in this book hold the texture of the flora, grit of the sand, sculpted rock, and spraying falls. Between the covers are meandering rivers, water lilies, misty mornings, and the change of seasons. Here to warm your heart as you join me on my adventures in Montana: Mountains & More.

My pre-sale offer will be an Edvard Munch screamin’ deal! Seventy-five images of my photographs bound together in a classy presentation intended to engage everyone!


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Annual Labor Day Sale online and out of my kitchen!